Scaffolding Accessories


Product Description

Scaffolding Accessories

My M Resources Sdn Bhd provides Swivel Clamp, Fixed Clamp, Arm Lock, Base Plate, Cat Walk, Ladder, Safety Net and Steel Props. For any other accessories, pricre or size, you may request from us by email or call.

Swivel / Fixed Clamp

       Swivel Clamp
  • 48.6mm

Fixed Clamp

  • 48.6mm

Arm Lock (M 801)


G.I. Arm Lock

  • 506mm

Base Plate (M 604)

Base Plate

  • 120mm X 120mm X 40mm Diameter

Walking Board / Cat Walk (M 205)

Cat Walk / Walking Board

  • 1829mm X 450mm
  • 1829mm X 500mm

Stair / Ladder (M 514)

Step / Ladder

  • 1829mm X 450mm

Safety Net

Safety Net

  • 1800mm X 1500mm
  • Complete with Border 1800mm X 1500mm
  • Heavy Duty Complete with Border 1800mm X 1500mm
  • Heavy Duty 3.2m X 25m X 2.5m Dia

Steel Porps (M 50, M 65, M 75 & M 90)


Steel Props

CodeMax. Length (mm)Min. Length (mm)Adjustable Length (mm)
M 5020301220800
M 65320028501320
M 75350020401320
M 95396025001320